Your life and business are a reflection of your energy.


What better service to yourself than to keep your energy centers clear? Be on the cutting edge of energy and healing by downloading your very own LIGHT LANGUAGE MEDITATION today!  



Listening to Light Language can have a:

—profound impact on your mood 

—profound impact on your level of clarity

—profound impact on your ability to make better decisions


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"Working with Lara has changed the trajectory of my life! Our businesses started picking up, health improvements were realized, balance was restored and we began to have tremendous clarity to move through life with a new understanding that gives us a level of peace that was unknown before this. Love and joy is back."


"We are up $70,000 in 6 months compared to last year. Lara has created an energy of healing and raised our vibration on a personal level which has translated into an elevated business and overall environment." 


I highly recommend engaging Lara as a strategy to wipe your energetic; mental and emotional slate clean – to recalibrate with your higher purpose, energy and clarity. Lara is very human but deeply connected to the source and spiritual realms; she has clear and direct abilities to communicate with her and your powers at be to help reshape, realign and redesign your life’s purpose, mission and balance.

Lara Jaye...

is an International Intuitive Energy Healer and Author, Speaker and Podcast Host. She is a Butler University graduate, coaching certified, light language transmitter and Reiki Master/Teacher.

‚ÄčLara provides multidimensional intuitive sessions by combining energy healing and utilizing an ancient, yet sacred healing method that speaks directly to your soul (Light Language). 

Leaders around the globe seek her for a unique strategic edge to keep up with their fast paced life. Lara has dedicated her life to studying, understanding and communicating with the unseen. This world holds the answers to our most burning questions and desires. By releasing stuck energy (imprints, beliefs, patterns, entities, and spirits) from yourself, your home and even your business—-your dream can become your reality.